Last week I had the privilege of attending the first JSConf in Brazil held at Fortaleza, CE. I never got the chance to participate of any JSConf until this year and my friend, I have to say: it was a blast! For people who don’t know or wasn’t able to attend, I feel sorry for you, because this is one of those conferences that makes you feel more like meeting good friends than talking to strangers.

At least for me this was a totally new experience from most of the conferences which I already attended, there’s no stage, no walls, no separation between speakers and attendees, round tables which forces the attendees to step out of their individual bubbles and share experiences and knowledge with the others, while they drink some beer.


Brendan Eich opened the conference talking about Mozilla’s plans, getting the audience’s attention by showing off the potential behind asm.js which allows us to make use of the Web as a native platform, no flash, no Java, running with near-speed in the browser. Suddenly I’ve got surprised by loud speakers, and the Unreal Technology splash screen appears on Firefox at an impressive frame-rate, at the end of his talk I was quite convinced that there’s loads of potential around asm.js, not only for games. The second talk was presented by Sérgio Lopes, a deep dive into JavaScript loading with some rendering techniques.

Henrik Joreteg, author of “Human JavaScript”, gave a talk on WebRTC starting with a bottom-up explanation and moving to a live demo (with no fear of the demo gods), explaining how they built their product on top of SimpleWebRTC, launched at JSConf BR. “Stop buying into hype”, these words taken from Angelina’s slides still echo in my mind, she just gave a full of energy presentation about Firefox OS development, how to quickly get started and what’s coming up, I also had the great opportunity to talk with her about security on Firefox OS, MozPay API and JWT.

After some minutes, Ricardo Tomasi with his combo: electric guitar, node.js, computer and iPad effects pedal, started to present Web Audio + WebSockets and RockScript , the next talk came with a very nice explanation about parser generators and ASTs from Alex Sexton.

I was looking forward for the next presentation, because cryptography is one of my favorite subjects and Martin Boßlet is the right guy to speak about it, he didn’t let me down. His presentation was totally mind blowing, going through paradigms around HTTPS, the issues with dynamic runtime environment, W3C Crypto, privacy, explaining why do we need encryption on the client side, giving to us a delightful excursion into homomorphic encryption.

Nando Vieira gave a walkthrough from the beginning of JS development to the hype and how a language with 20 years old "…is the most important language nowadays”, speaking about modularity, providing some code snippets full of bad practices (aka spaghetti), which made my eyes bleed and was awesome. The highlight of my JSConf experience came from a non-technical talk, Adam Brault came with an important and beautiful message impossible to describe here, but I hope you enjoy the slides and notes of his talk, this is a must-watch and can even change your perspective about life.

JSConf is one of those are events that you come back home looking forward to the next year, meet new and old friends. I strongly recommend you to attend next year, see you there!